The aim of the Center

The main aim of the center is the professional, artistic and cultural support of all the group ages inside and outside the borders of Albania.
The Center can develop any kind of activity related to the main general aim including among others:
The foundation of professional, cultural - artistic non - public schools.
The organization of professional cultural and artistic courses.
The organization of competitions, professional and amateur ones.
The organization of other activities that will help to stimulate and support the artists and the professionals in the artistic and cultural field.
The promotion of the values of the cultural Albanian heritage and the international one, as well, of the folk Albanian tradition, culture monuments etc. through expositions, festivals, fairs, publications, projections, seminars, different productions; audio-visuals, broadcasting, computerized and multimedia.
The promotion of the literature, music, visual arts, theater, cinematography etc.
The information of the public on the achievements, tendencies and the values of the Albanian and the international art and culture.
The organization of publicity, awareness, promotion and stimulating campaigns on the Albanian and the international art and culture.
The organization of meetings, seminars, training courses and other activities in the way to satisfy and fulfill of the objectives of the center.
The drafting of the concept and the realization of different publications, broadcasting products, internet pages etc, for the purpose to present, stimulate and to professionally and artistically qualify the interested subjects inside and outside Albania.

The cultural and artistic regional integration and further more through individual, group and
institutional experience exchanges.