In value alone, the film industry is well in excess of the billions, and as far as influence goes, you can safely say that visual entertainment is the most influential tool for influencing public opinion. And yet, not so far ago --rewind 20 years back to the mid-nineties- very few people were actively pursuing careers in film. Of course, media departments existed in colleges and universities, from which now prominent actors and actresses emerged; however, a career in film wasn't as much as the accessible and 'go to career' it has become now. www.alternatives4teens.com helps youth to find their career in right direction.If youth adults are facing trouble navigating world successfully our failure to launch programs suggest them in unique way.

Today, kids as young as you can't imagine have already hit the million mark and rubbing shoulders with greats in epic movies and series. Fortunately for your child, film making workshops offer him or her a great opportunity to discover a talent that may be lying hidden and going to waste for all we know.

Elementary Brushstrokes

Take these workshops as the elementary brushstrokes on the canvass of your child's career in the film industry. Script writing, directing and editing are taught under the experienced guidance of real filmmakers. The essence of collaborative work is emphasized early on. It is a complete hands on feel of the movie production process, inclusive of the three basic tenants of pre-production, production and post production. As the evidence suggests, pro-active learning that is applied in conjunction with current equipment and techniques tends to have a powerful influence in a child's formative years. When a child is exposed to the reality of filmmaking at a young age it puts him or her in good stead for a successful future.

A Means To An End

Signing up for a workshop should hardly ever be seen as a testing of the waters. You may not realise it at the time, but the truth is that your child's short stint should make it onto his CV when he or she later decides to apply to a prestigious film school or institute. Swamped with applications from across the country --and perhaps even the world- selection panels generally give preference to applicants who can exhibit true passion and not just raw and untested desire. This is particularly the case when they're are choosing beneficiaries for scholarships. Never let the dust gather on the film production he/she directed, wrote, edited or featured in. It will definitely be of use at some point, trust us on this!

Youth Media Awards

Lastly, who doesn't want to win an Oscar? Winning an Oscar is a dream everyone in the film making industry secretly harbors, ask Leonardo Di Caprio. However, it takes baby steps and small accomplishments along the way in order to fully appreciate what it takes to win a top international award. But until then, the focus ought to be Youth Media Awards. With all the knowledge and experienced gained during the duration of the workshop, making short films should become easier with time. Once you have finished productions, market them and see if you aren't nominated for a Youth Media award.